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Real Weddings

My favourite Hunter Valley Wedding of 2023 was at Dark Horse Vineyard Hands down, my FAVOURITE wedding of 2023! 🎉 I try not to pick favourites, but this one stole the show.⁠⁠My first time at Dark Horse, and WOW – I instantly knew it deserved a prime spot on my ‘Best Wedding Venues in the […]

Kath + Mitch | Dark Horse Vineyard | Kevin Lue Photography

Baby Namings

On Sunday I had a great time at Finn’s baby naming ceremony at Gillieston Heights Community Centre. It was all themed around The Very Hungry Caterpillar – balloons, cake, the whole shebang! 🎈🍰 Seriously, who doesn’t love that classic book?! 🐛✨⁠ Choosing The Hungry Caterpillar theme for a kids’ party is a total win! It’s […]

‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ Themed Baby Naming Ceremony | Gilliestion Heights, Newcastle

Do You Talk Funny? Book Cover
Book Club

Welcome to our book club shindig! This time around, a bunch of celebrants, including yours truly, delved into the treasure trove that is David Nihill’s Do You Talk Funny? If you’ve dived into the same pages, feel free to spill the tea in the comments. QUICK RECAP: Do You Talk Funny? The book unveils seven […]

Book Club Discussion: Do You Talk Funny?: 7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better (and Funnier) Public Speaker by David Nihill

Baby Namings

Naming ceremonies for babies who’ve faced a rocky start Baby Naming Ceremonies (i.e. non-religious christenings) are not just about picking a name; they are about giving a high-five to the little champion for overcoming early hurdles. Baby Naming ceremonies for babies who’ve faced a tough start are like throwing a party with extra confetti. A […]

Celebrating Life’s Triumphs with a Naming Ceremony for Jude at Pacific Palms Golf Club – A Tale of Strength and Resilience

Love Stories by Trent Dalton Book Cover
Book Club

Greetings, fellow literary enthusiasts! Welcome to this book club gathering. This month, myself and some other celebrants took on Trent Dalton’s non-fiction gem, “Love Stories.”. If you’ve read the book, I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below. Whether you’re eager to tackle the discussion questions or simply spill the beans on […]

Book Club Discussion: Love Stories by Trent Dalton

Elopements, Real Weddings

From Lightening Ridge to Newcastle: A Sunset Wedding by the Sea 🌅 Amber and Danny tracked me down on the Internet. They’re from Lightening Ridge but thought, “Hey, why not have a blast and tie the knot in Newcastle?” They weren’t picky about the date, time or location, so after some chitchat, we all agreed […]

Amber + Danny’s Sunset Wedding | Bar Beach | Rogue Weddings

Baby Namings

BEAUTIFUL BRONTE⁠ I’ve been Facebook friends with Tatum since I was her wedding celebrant at Albion Farm Gardens back in 2019. I’ll happily accept a friend request from any of my clients (but equally won’t be offended if anyone doesn’t reach out in that way). It’s a great way for me to keep up with […]

Newcastle Baby Naming for Bronte

Celebrant Julie Muir holding baby Ella Rose at her Hunter valley baby naming
Baby Namings

I had the pleasure of marrying Hannah + Charlie back in August 2020, so when they asked me to do their daughter Ella Rose’s baby naming at the Hunter Valley Gardens, I was over the moon. I’m officially their CELEBRANT FOR LIFE now!⁠⁠It is not always possible for grandparents to get involved in their grandkids’ […]

Ella Rose’s Hunter Valley Baby Naming

bride bridesmaids and a groomsman happily watching the groom hold his dog
Wedding Advice

Hey there, fellow pet lovers! Let me share a heartwarming story from my journey as a celebrant. When I was training to become a wedding celebrant, I was told to steer clear of including pets in ceremonies due to their unpredictable nature and potential for distractions.

But life always has a way of surprising us, doesn’t it? In my very first booking as a celebrant, the couple insisted on having not just one, but all three of their adorable dogs participate in their special day. I found myself at a crossroads. As a celebrant, my role is to guide and facilitate, not to impose my own preferences on couples. So, the dogs got the green light!

Dogs in the Wedding Party? I say YES!!!

Elopements, Real Weddings

Deciding to legally marry before or after the big day Sometimes a good old ☎️ phone call beats an email! So, this gal named Danika reached out to me, all curious and excited, about my Legals Only ceremony. She’s planning to tie the knot with her partner Drew in August back in her homeland, America. […]

Danika + Drew’s Pre-America ‘Legals Only’ Wedding | Merewether Beach

Book Club

This book sold over 5 million copies since its launch in 2018! It’s been on the New York Times Best Seller list for over 100 weeks. It has a 5-star rating on Amazon and over 65000 reviews. If you want to improve your habits, it’s hard to miss this book. But does it live up to the […]

Book Club Discussion: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Couple kissing at Traditional Korean Wedding
Relationship Advice

Love knows no boundaries… but bureaucracy sure does! ??? Being in a cross-cultural marriage is like embarking on a rollercoaster ride through immigration forms and language barriers. ??️ Attending my brother Jack’s Traditional Korean Wedding, I found myself thinking not only about his extraordinary love story but about the crazy challenges that all couples face […]

Challenges facing couples from different countries

woman lauging at funeral

When we think of funerals, a somber and serious atmosphere often comes to mind. However, there is a growing recognition that humour can play a meaningful role in the grieving process. Humour, when used appropriately, can help alleviate tension, create connections, and offer moments of relief amidst the sadness. Although it may seem unusual to […]

Laughter Amidst Grief: The Healing Power of Humour in Funeral Ceremonies

Big Magic Book Cover
Book Club

Hey there, bookworms! Welcome to my virtual book club discussion, featuring none other than the delightful masterpiece called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert! Get ready to dive into this literary gem, and when you’re done, join me in the comments section for some discussions. Feel free to tackle any of the discussion questions or simply […]

Book Club Discussion: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Family photos of previous generations

When someone dies, it is not uncommon for hidden truths and undisclosed secrets to emerge, leaving loved ones grappling with a mix of surprise, confusion, and even emotional turmoil. These revelations can range from financial matters and hidden debts to the discovery of undisclosed relationships or unexpected family ties. Dealing with these posthumous bombshells in […]

Secrets Unveiled in Grief: Navigating the Impact of Posthumous Revelations

flowers after death

Mother’s Day, a day meant to celebrate and honour mothers, can be a difficult and painful experience for many individuals. For those who have lost their mothers, the day serves as a stark reminder of their absence and the void left behind. Even for those who had complicated relationships with their mothers, Mother’s Day can […]

Navigating Mother’s Day when you are Grieving: A Day of Mixed Emotions

Chapel Ridge Hunter Valley Wedding Venue
Wedding Advice

Hey there, fellow wedding enthusiasts……….Let’s talk about the best Hunter Valley wedding venues, shall we? Holy moly, there are a lot of them which is why you might need to clear your diary, get comfortable and pour yourself a glass of wine before you dive into this comprehensive list.

The Best Hunter Valley Wedding Venues- The Ultimate Guide 2024

Bride and groom on a porch at Willow Tree Estate
Real Weddings

? MELLOW YELLOW ?⁠⁠Are you smiling? Yellow is such a bright and intense colour that it immediately grabs your attention. It invokes strong feelings of happiness and optimism….a great choice for a wedding, and not one that you see often. ⁠⁠I usually attempt to dress tonally, but my options were restricted for this Willow Tree […]

Cathy + Ben’s Elegant Wedding | Willow Tree Estate | Tracey Beveridge

groom holding his bride
Real Weddings

LUCKY DIP⁠⁠I turned up for Noelle & James’ wedding at 48 Watt St and my mouth hit the floor. I knew the couple had good taste. I figured the aesthetic was going to be sophisticated and modern but I had no idea how incredible the styling was going to be. ⁠ ⁠Turns out……they didn’t either!!⁠⁠Noelle […]

Noelle + James’ Urban Chic Wedding | 48 Watt St | Alex jack Photography

Real Weddings

For their wedding in the Hunter Valley Gardens, Chris planned a romantic proposal for the couple’s 10-year anniversary. Unfortunately, he got a migraine and was too unwell to propose at the zoo ?⁠⁠He had a sleep in the arvo to try and shake it off. Afterward, he jumped into action with his not-too-shabby Plan B……to […]

Sarah + Chris’ Romantic Garden Wedding | Hunter Valley Gardens | Matts Photography

newlyweds holding a sign board saying "Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds"
Real Weddings

MICRO WEDDING⁠⁠A wedding in Shepherds Hill, Newcastle wasn’t what Jessica & Jake had in mind at first. Because to the pandemic, they ⁠had to postpone their original plan of having a big wedding celebration at Murrays Brewery in April last year. ⁠⁠Sadly, it’s a common refrain. ⁠⁠Like many couples in the same boat, they made […]

Jess + Jake’s Coastal Clifftop Wedding | Shepherds Hill Newcastle | Sarah Nash

Being a celebrant lights me up inside. My oxytocin goes through the roof knowing that I help people create beautiful and memorable life events.

In a former life, I had a career in sports event management which certainly helps me as a celebrant. I am super organised, have great attention to detail and love creating 'a feel good factor'.

I spend my downtime roller-skating, campaigning for the environment and planning my next adventure. 

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