I'm an expert at Prospective Marriage (Finacé) Visa Letters

I can help you  with a letter of support for your visa application

I'll supply you with the documentation for your visa application to The Immigration Department.

I'll provide you with an 'Evidence of Notice Letter' that confirms your intent to marry, which will support your visa application.

Don't worry if you and your partner and not living in the same place. That's fine. I have handled this scenario many times before.

Neither of you have to be living in Newcastle either. I can support you from wherever you are living, in Australia or internationally.

I'll guide you through the process and most importantly, make sure everything is legal.

'Evidence of Notice Letters' are my jam!

I've been through this process myself, so I understand it well!

1. Contact me (by phone, email or contact form) to confirm you want to start the process.

2. I'll send you a booking form and you will make a bank transfer with the payment.

3. I'll email you to arrange our 1st meeting which will be by Zoom. It's fine if one of the parties is overseas. I will explain the legal requirements of getting married.

4. I will send both parties a link to complete their personal information online. I will use this information to generate the NOIM paperwork.

5. You will print the NOIM paperwork and each party will get it witnessed. You must return it to me by email.
Once I have received the signed and witnesses NOIM, it is considered officially lodged.

6. I'll send you the Evidence of Notice Letter within 24 hours.

7. When you're ready, if you want to, we can plan your wedding ceremony together.

I'll guide you through the process Step-by-Step

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Visa Letter

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