It's time to get your family together - there's lots to celebrate

Baby namings that'll give you all the feels

Baby Namings are becoming more and more popular in Australia and I know why, as they are wonderful family events. They are about gathering all the special people in your child's life that will influence them on their journey. 

Nothing cringe, boring or cheesy, just a fun gathering filled with stories about how you and your child have made it to this point. 

They are normally held at the time of the 1st birthday but they can be done anytime in the child's life.

You can hold your ceremony in any location – your home or garden, a local park, beach or hired venue.

For new parents who want to celebrate

Nothing cringe, boring or cheesy - I pinky promise

A naming ceremony is a great opportunity to talk about your:

pregnancy and birth
family life
child's personality
family values
hopes for their future
thank the grandparents
appoint the godparents/guide parents

Me! Your ceremony Queen 

I've got the magic your celebration has been begging for 

if there is cake, i'm there!

Parenthood is fuc*ing hard. Yep! I swore! Is it still swearing if it's in an Irish accent?!

I'm a Mum to one 1 year old (after 4 miscarriages and 3 failed attempts at IVF). Parenthood to me is equal parts agony and  ecstasy.  

You've had those days, right? When the sleep depravation, the food on the new jacket and the whingeing, leave you counting the minutes until bedtime. On those days, it seems like the best you can hope for is to survive.

Anyway, I'm far from a parenting expert but I do understand that most parents just want their child to be themselves, to be at ease in the world, and filled with resilience. 

I believe that parenting is hard (but worth it!) and that baby namings can be fun!

Hey , I'm Julie. 

warm hugs,
getting to know you,
fresh ideas,
celebrating the wins

I'm all about

I'm not about

one size fits all approach,
creating unnecessary fuss


 She was organised yet flexible, particularly in the difficult to navigate times of COVID-19. She brought our story to life, and made the day so easy for all involved. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

"Julie was a delight to work with for our twins’ naming day. Her warmth and friendliness made us feel like we’d known her for years.

hayley & luke witchard

Our guests were left in stitches because she had them laughing so much, but she also knows how to engage the audience in the more serious moments.
She’s also not just a celebrant - she’s a calm voice reassuring you it’s all going smoothly, she’s a helping hand to grab anything you have forgotten, and she’s a shoulder to lean on if you’re having a moment. Julie is honestly the whole package wrapped up in a neat, Irish, green bow!

"Julie is AMAZING!!
2 years ago she married my husband and I, and now she has officially named our first child. I can’t recommend her more!!

ashley & JAKE BOYLES

With Covid causing so many problems, Julie was so accomodating in moving our date and having the naming day sorted in under 24 hours. We have never met anyone so passionate about their career. Julie brings all her energy to her ceremonies and you won’t find anyone better!

We got married 2 years ago and loved having Julie as our celebrant. As soon as we found out our baby boy was on the way we knew straight away it needed to be Julie to perform his naming day. .

sam & trent burns

Just waiting for their review :) 

I have a tonne of reviews if you want to read more.
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julie muir

My ceremonies don't emphasise achievement and perfection. They focus on ways you can help your kids be more themselves, more at ease in the world and filled with resilience. "

Work with me for $500 AUD

I'll give you my Parents Resource Kit which is full of inspo so you can figure out what readings and rituals will be most meaningful to you.

We'll have one meeting where we'll discuss any ideas you have and the logistics of the day. 

You'll complete a family questionnaire so I an get to know your family better.

It's a collaboration so you'll get a chance to edit the script in advance or keep it a surprise.

I'll deliver a ceremony that will make everyone laugh and cry and feel a range of emotions in between.

This is how it all works:

I'll write a memorable ceremony about how when it comes to your children, your ultimate goal is to raise kids in a way that let's them thrive.

You want them to enjoy meaningful relationships, be caring and compassionate, do well in school, work hard and be responsible, but most importantly feel good about who they are. 


I'll guide you through my process so it's simple, quick and easy. (I know how time poor new parents are!)

Baby Namings

baby naming

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