It's time to write your couple story and take your partner (and your guests) on a fun-filled adventure

Vow Writing Service
that will make your partner swoon 

It’s very common to feel overwhelmed by the idea of writing your own vows …..which is why I offer my vow writing service.

So let’s remove the nerves, pressure, stress and fears and replace them with clarity, purpose and confidence.

Don't stress. I will help you express how you feel. 

Together we will create something amazing that will be heartfelt, memorable and most importantly, sounds like you.

You'll be pleasantly surprised HOW EASY the process is.

Right now fear is your archenemy and time (the lack of!) is taunting you.

For heart-led humans wanting to impress their partner but don't know where to start......

Maybe you’ve been feeling…

Time poor with all the other wedding arrangements

Pressure to deliver perfect vows

Worried you will sound too cliché

Unqualified to write meaningful vows

Worried you don’t have the right words to say

I get it. Not everyone is a wordsmith.
That doesn't mean you can't make your partner swoon. 

I'm your Vow Writing Fairy Godmother  

I've got the magic you need

For lovers who are ready to step up and lay it all on the line in the most romantic way possible

Conquer Your Fear of The VOWS

I know it's nerve-wracking to get what's in your head out into the open but I'll help you to write the best vows ever.

I pinky promise it'll be easier than you think

I'll push you, in a good way (not over the edge!).
I'm here to take your stress away.

make your partner swoon

vows that wow

When the day is over, all you'll have left is your photos, your videos and your promises to each other......so let's make them count. 

You really do only get one shot to impress your partner with the vows. They are your forever gift to one another. 

So, there is absolutely no shame in getting help from someone who eats and breathes words for a living. Trust me, I studied Communications at Harvard - I've got the skills that you need to get the reaction that you want. 

I believe that great vows are the best part of the whole wedding day.

Hey , I'm Julie. 

listening carefully,
empowering you,
fresh ideas,
making it simple,
working with you,
building your confidence

I'm all about

I'm not about

one size fits all approach,
creating unnecessary fuss

🗣 Practice them out loud
🐢 Slow Down
💓 Let the emotions bubble up
👀 Look up
😄 Allow space for laughter
👐🏼 Connect

It really is as simple as that!

Tips for saying your Vows

i mean slaying your vows

EMMA & BRODY, 2 montys charity auction winners

We can't thank you enough for the time and effort you put into helping us with our vows; you always had the door open for us and went to such an effort to make our day extra special. Thanks so much Julie anyone would be blessed to have you as part of their wedding! 

Julie, how do we put this into words?! You are such an amazing person and we love your passion and excitement you bring with you. 

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Need SociAl Proof

kind words

Step 1 Getting to Know You
We’ll begin with a Zoom meeting where I'll ask lots of questions about your relationship….all you have to do is talk.
I'll be listening for how you speak and what you have to say and then I'll write personalised vows that bring everything together in your voice (only a little better!)

Step 2 First look
I'll send you the first draft of your vows for you to digest.

Step 3 Collaboration
We'll chat about any tweaks you want. We will go back and forth until you are happy.

Step 4 Presentation and Delivery
We will have a final Zoom meeting so I can prep you to deliver the vows confidently.

An done-for-you vow writing service to help you showcase your love.

Vow Writing

Vow Writing 

Invest in your love for $100 AUD

If you managed to get your feelings out of your head and onto the page...good job. 

If you want a beautiful keepsake of your wedding,
I can get your vows printed onto handmade A4 acrylic for you for $100 a pair. 

They make a great anniversary present! ⁠

Feeling proud
of your wedding vows?

So you should!

Ready to take the leap and step off the edge with me?

I've got the pixie dust your vows needs so are you...

welcome, friend