Book Club Discussion: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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  1. I absolutely loved this book, Julie. My two key take aways were:
    1. the idea that ideas exist independently from us and are looking for a home to bring them to life. This concept very much resonates with me and has helped me with motivation and the fear of copying others or being copied. It really brings home from me that if we are guided from our intuition and surrender then we are absolutely on the right path
    2. That when you do things for other people, rather than yourself, you see the burden written all over their faces. When you do things you want to do, for yourself, you much more easily get people on board who want to be there.
    I can think of so many examples of this throughout my life, whether it be in work environments, friends / family or even in the celebrant world. Another reminder to stay true to yourself.
    Enjoy the catch up and I can’t wait to see you at the next one.
    Love, Rachel x

  2. I felt that the book took manifestation to another level.
    We make our own luck. During the course of our lives we have many ideas come & go, but that idea won’t wait forever for you to develop it. A great idea is a great idea.
    Really loved discussing the concepts in our supportive group.

  3. Karina says:

    Big Magic is a book that will inspire you to unleash your inner creativity and follow your passion. Liz Gilbert shares her own experience and stories of “Big Magic moments” that show how curiosity and courage can lead to amazing things. She also gives practical advice on how to balance your creative life with your day job, how to deal with failure and success, and how to be creative for yourself. Reading this book will make you feel like Liz is your biggest cheerleader, as she writes with an uplifting and inspiring tone. Big Magic is more than just a book about creativity. It’s also a book about living a life that is authentic, adventurous, and meaningful. It’s a book that challenges you to embrace your uniqueness, follow your curiosity, and trust your intuition. It’s a book that encourages you to take risks, experiment, and have fun. And it’s a book that reminds you that you have something valuable to offer to the world, and that the world is waiting for you to share it.

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