Raising awareness of the mental health  challenges facing small business owners is an issue close to my heart.

Mental Health Advocacy

I am not ashamed to say that 2018 was a tough year for me personally because I had two miscarriages.

In the following years, I had another two miscarriages and three failed rounds of IVF, before finally conceiving my son naturally. 

Through all of that, I was running my celebrancy business and trying not to let anyone else down. 

Thankfully I was able to access great tools to help me get back on track and keep my business moving forward through this difficult time. 

That's what fuels my passion for talking about the mental health of small business owners. 

Hi, I'm Julie.

Life is a rollercoaster. I believe there is no shame in seeking help when times are tough.

Meet one small biz owner trying to make a difference 

national mental health commission

department of jobs & small business business


Looks like it's not just my friends who love to hang out with me

I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing organisations to help develop tools for small business owners

Listen to me sharing my experiences

Growth - how it may not always feel like success

Tough - the stressors of running a small biz


Ahead for Business Launch Videos

I partnered with the Everymind Association to launch this website aimed specicially at the mental health of small business owners

promo videos

featured guests

featured guests


Ahead for Business Website

Everymind Association did a case study of my business for the Aheadforbusiness.org.au website

case study

For better and worse

I got interviewed for
The Newcastle Herald
talking about how Covid affected my business and my mental health.

newspaper article

Healthy mind, healthy business

I consulted on the creation of the National Workplace Initiative's mental health resources for small business owners

Finding your tribe with Sarah Cleveland

Chats with creatives and cool experts

Imposter syndrome with Claire Richarson

Chats with creatives and cool experts

Harnessing creativity with Rita-Lee Stone

Marketing tips and tricks


I'm articulate and keen to share. 

If you are a mental health organisation or a journalist who needs to interview a small business owner.....
I'm your gal!

Here is your open invite to contact me

welcome, friend