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Your celebrant will have a huge impact on your overall wedding experience. But how exactly do you find the right celebrant to meet your needs? Industry insider, Julie Muir, shares her wisdom and experience.

7 insider tips to help you find your perfect Wedding Celebrant

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Gone are the days of “The ceremony is the boring part”
The ceremony is the first opportunity of the day to show your guests how “YOU” this day really is. A great celebrant will feed your guests full of all the juicy love stories that make you who you are as a couple, and set the vibe for the rest of the day.

We’ve asked some of our celebrant mates what their best tips are for a super fun, engaging ceremony….

Our top tips for an engaging ceremony


When I learned that Jenna was giving the girls at Jade McIntosh Flowers & Styling free rein to design her wedding bouquet, I got an exciting idea – why not add extra meaning to this Hunter Valley elopement by selecting flowers that not only fit with Jenna and Andrew’s aesthetic and personality, but also the sentiment behind such an important, memorable day? Together, we did just that!

Celebrant Julie Muir on the special meaning behind Jenna’s bouquet

Have you ever wondered why you’re drawn to particular flowers? Obviously, there are aesthetic reasons (I’m partial to big, colourful blooms), but there are also deeper meanings behind many of them. Enter: the intriguing world of floriography!

Flowers have long been used to convey messages all over the world. Mythologies, folklore, sonnets, and plays of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese are peppered with this beautiful symbolism, as was 19th century English society. In the Victorian Era, single red roses were even sent to love interests – sending back a yellow carnation meant the feeling wasn’t mutual. Ouch!

Celebrant Julie Muir & the language of flowers


Celtic Festival 2017 Wedding 

I was selected to be celebrant for the 2017 Australian Celtic Festival in Glen Innes where I had the pleasure of marrying Caitlin and Jason in a real wedding ceremony containing lots of Celtic elements.

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Whenever couples tell me their florist is Jade Mcintosh, I get a huge smile on my face. I know instantly they are in good hands and their flowers are going to be just stunning! I respect Jade and her team very much – they are experienced, creative and have incredible attention to detail. Here are some of their most memorable weddings in recent years. It is always a pleasure to work with them and help create such special and personal celebrations of love. 

Celebrant Julie Muir's favourite JMFS weddings

My absolute favourite moment of any wedding ceremony is the confetti toss. Hands down, it is the most love-filled, celebratory moment of the whole experience. It’s the exact moment when elated newlyweds realise the gravity of what they’ve just promised to each other, and when their beaming smiles capture all the warm and fuzzy feels that comes with such an intimate declaration.

Celebrant Julie Muir's tips for petal confetti success

James White photography

So you’re getting married, everything is going so well, you’ve found your venue and you totally know which vendors you want to book! You’ve done your homework! No wonder you feel pumped, but there’s still a lurking fear in the back of your mind, right? 

How to write your own vows | 15 tips for writing vows from REAL celebrants!

Weddings can be a bit overwhelming for lots of people, but especially introverts, as it combines some of their least favourite things: being the centre of attention, getting their photo taken repeatedly, engaging in small talk and having minimal alone time.



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