Most Popular Wedding Package

Wedding- $1850

TOGETHER we'll create a personalised, engaging and memorable ceremony for everyone involved.


If you have some ideas, we can definitely incorporate them - but don't worry if you don't even know where to start! 

I'll GUIDE YOU through the whole process and make it easy and enjoyable.

It can be fun deciding how to personalise your ceremony to reflect both your personalities.

Andrew & Nano's wedding at Gunners Barracks, Mosman | Folk & Follow Photography | Julie Muir Celebrant

Do you want to enjoy your ceremony as much as Nano & Andrew? Then book me!

I'll make sure there is a relaxed vibe on the day.

The ceremony will be meaningful and light-hearted. Don't worry - I'll make space for some tears too.

Everyone will feel the love and be uplifted and ready to P-A-R-T-Y by the end of the ceremony.

If this package is more than what you need, then check out my elopements and my 'registry style' legals only weddings.

Personalised Ceremony

You'll get a personalised modern ceremony written uniquely for you. You can see the draft in advance and make any tweaks you want. The editorial control is totally yours. It's a collaboration and I want you to be happy. At the heart of it all, I'm a writer and storyteller and you can trust me to do an awesome job.

Vow Help

You won't find another celebrant as passionate as me about the personalised vows. I'll share my 'tried and tested' framework with you, a library of real vows from my previous couples and lots of resources to make it easy for you to get your thoughts on paper. When you've written the first draft, I'll provide feedback (if you want it) so that you can tweak them. I'll even print them for you into beautiful cards so that you can strike that off your to-do list.

Couples Resource Kit

I have a super-duper Couples Resource Kit packed full of ceremony ideas (modern reading, rituals, music etc, that you'll actual like) to inspire you and make it easy for you to decide what you want. I'll help you figure out how traditional or non-traditional you are and suggest lots of ideas that I think you'll like and won't make you cringe!

Professional PA System

This is essential if you are having a big wedding. There is nothing worse than some guests not being able to hear what's going on. Your guests will definitely be able to hear everything because my PA system is a powerful beast, even if it's windy. I look after it and get it serviced regularly because I've worked hard writing your ceremony..... and you can be sure I want everyone to hear it.

Lodgement of Legal Paperwork

I take care of all of this so you don't have to worry. I lodge all the paperwork with Births, Deaths and Marriages immediately after the wedding. I'll explain how you apply for your Marriage Certificate and will even do it for you if you want, so you've one less thing to do.  (Not all celebrants do this as it's extra work for them so it's worth checking).


I'll find out your colour pallete- the colours of your wedding party's outfits and the flowers so, that I don't wear anything that will be jarring in the photos. I dress to match the style and vibe of the wedding so I don't look out of place. I'm happy to dress up in a theme or go barefoot!


I move around a lot during the ceremony to ensure the photographer gets a range of photos. Sometimes I'm beside you, sometimes I'm behind you, and sometimes I stand at the end of your wedding party. All you need to know is that I am close when I need to be (for example, for the legal vows) and I'm not there when I don't need to be (for example, the personal vows or the kiss). Rest assured you'll get a good mix of photos, a lot of which I won't even be in!


A lot of my couples work business hours so I am happy to meet you in the evening or on Saturday mornings, to fit around your schedule.

Pet Friendly

If you want your pets to be involved in the ceremony (and the venue doesn't mind), then I'm all for it. I'll give you lots of ideas on how to incorporate your fur-babies. Unless of course, you think your pet won’t enjoy it. If your pet is anxious or easily excitable, they may find the whole experience overwhelming and you should put their needs above your own wants.


If you are from another country and you want to hear a bit of your mother-tounge during the ceremony, I can do that.

I speak French and Spanish very well but am honestly happy to give any language a go. I've spoken a bit of Portuguese, Polish, Italian and even Urdu during ceremonies. It goes down a treat with the guests.

I am also learning AUSLAN if you want a sprinkling of sign language.


All couples should have a Plan B in case it rains (or even if it's too hot or smoky). Having said that, I understand that some couples have their heart set on an outdoor wedding even if the weather gods are not playing ball. I have a stock of white umbrellas that you can rent at a very reasonable cost. Unlike most umbrella rental services, you won't pay unless you use them.

Relationship Education

Planning a wedding can be a stressful even for the most organised people. I can provide Relationship Education & Skill Building services for you.

Remember- you are not just planning for your wedding day but also for your marriage ahead!

There is always room for improvement even in the best relationships.

This is a voluntary add-on service to help you prepare for your marriage, only if you want it.

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If you prefer to meet up first, that's absolutely fine too. Let's arrange to chat in-person or by Zoom so that we can get to know each other a bit better. I'll explain the legal requirements of getting married, the paperwork that's involved and more about how I work. By the end of the meeting, you'll definitely know if I am the celebrant for you. 

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If I am already booked on your date, I'll try to help you find another celebrant. 


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