Funeral Celebrant & End of Life Doula

Whether totally unforeseen or knowing the inevitable was coming, you find yourself in the grip of grief and loss….. and now arrangements must be made to say goodbye.

Making preparations for a funeral comes at an immensely sensitive, personal and emotional time which is why finding the right celebrant makes the transitional phase just that little bit easier.

Honouring your loved one's memory and beliefs in a way that feels personalised and beautiful is what I do.

Everyone has their own unique life story that deserves to be told.

It’s all in the details

With a focus on your needs and wants, you don't need to worry about a thing. I am a trained professional with high attention to detail so I'll guide you through the process, supporting you and helping you choose personal elements for the ceremony.

I will write a beautiful ceremony about the person's life infused with a touch of light-heartedness (if that's what you want) I'll create a space that allows for both grieving and celebration. The guests will laugh and they will cry.

A ceremony that you enjoy

I am comfortable with performing traditional OR non-traditional/alternative services and my approach respects your choices and beliefs.

My inspiration as a celebrant is founded on the thought that ‘Life is to be lived, loved and celebrated’ so when it comes to celebrating your loved one you can absolutely make the service your own.

I facilitate a ceremony that undeniably places your loved one at the centre…in a service dedicated to the person you remember. From the words of friends to the choice of music, every detail will be brimming with warmth and filled with love, leaving no doubt how much your loved one was cherished.

On the Eulogy (the life story of your loved one)

It’s your choice…I can write the eulogy for you or support you through the process of writing it yourself. If you choose to write the eulogy, I will provide you with a guide to writing your own tribute.

I am experienced in supporting family members or friends with the process of writing and delivering the eulogy and I have many resources available to inspire you, including prompt questions to start the process of remembering a life and capturing the important moments.

You can be real and honest about your loved one’s good (and bad) habits. We can celebrate what was annoying about them as well as what everyone loved about them.

On the day

I oversee the proceedings of the day with empathy and poise, confidence and calm.

Funerals can feel overwhelming but I will be your solid, reliable, calm and confident figurehead to guide you- both in the planning and the leading up-front on the day.

The service is purposefully arranged to usher loved ones through the grieving process in a meaningful way as I deliver a service that is both poignant and joy filled, containing both touching and outrageous stories that are uniquely funny and unforgettable. You can go ahead and laugh and smile as well as cry.

Together we will create a service that honours your loved one with warmth and love and captures a real sense of who they were.

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Honouring a life

I donate to the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund meaning every time I celebrate someone's life; they plant a tree in their honour.


Working with Funeral Directors

You have the right to choose your own funeral celebrant regardless of the Funeral Directors you choose. I can work with any funeral director or put you in touch with a Funeral Planner from Picaluna.


Professional PA System

This is essential if you are hosting a big funeral. I can ensure guests will hear every part of the funeral. Your guests will definitely be able to hear everything (even if it's windy).

Next step

Let's chat. I am here to support you.


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