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quick-smart in a registry-style wedding 

Maybe you are getting married abroad in Bali or Thailand and you just want someone to make it legal before or afterwards. I can help you with that.

If you book me to marry you in a "registry style'' ceremony, then it will actually cost you a similar price to what Births, Deaths & Marriages will charge you. I promise I'll do a way-better job!

The Registry Office in Newcastle closed a few years ago so you'll also save yourselves a trip to Paramatta. 

Legally, you'll need to give me one month's notice so we can complete the 'Notice of Intended Marriage' paperwork within the legal time-frame.

I get it. Some people just want to be married more than they want to get married

It'll be you, me and the two witnesses. 

Legals only weddings from $550 AUD
(that's cheaper than the nearest Registry Office in Paramatta)

The wedding itself can take place anywhere you want- my office, your house, a restaurant, a park or even a bar.

As it's not a big wedding ceremony, we can even sit down at a table to do it. One of the best weddings I did was at the Smokin Hot 'n Saucy Food Truck in Islington at lunchtime.

You need to bring two witnesses. If you want to be super spontaneous or keep your wedding on the down-low, we can just ask some passers-by to be the witnesses. You'll make their day! 

.In Australian, it only takes 144 words to be married. Some people want to it to be over in 3 mins- I'm cool with that.

However, if you want, I will happily make your 'Legals Only' Wedding Ceremony longer. We can add some extra words about love and marriage so that it is more meaningful.
It won't contain your love story. If you want that, you are probably after an 

You can exchange rings, do personal vows too and have a big kiss (only if you want to)

This type of wedding is as the name suggests- just the legal elements, so there is not much of an actual ceremony

Registry Style Wedding

legals only


danika + drew, blue door, merewether

What impressed us the most was Julie's ability to transform what could have been a quick and simple ceremony into something fun and cute. 

From the moment we met Julie, she radiated warmth and genuine care for our special day. She took the time to get to know us as a couple, and her personalized approach made us feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. Her attention to detail and professionalism were evident in every interaction we had with her. This was a ceremony for legal paperwork before we have our big day abroad over in the US. She added personal touches and elements of joy that made the occasion truly special. Julie's creativity and sense of humour were evident, and she managed to bring out smiles and laughter from both of us, even during a legals only ceremony.


Such a legend, we only had a small ceremony as we had our wedding in another country but she was literally the talk of the whole day!
Our whole family and friends kept raving about how good it was! 5 stars for Julie, you're the best!

Julie is amazing!  

cynthia & keelan

She is a lovely person.
You can tell how much she really cares about doing a good job.
It made the whole thing so much less stressful knowing
 how much time and effort she puts into getting things ready for the day.
Thank you so much.

Julie made everything so simple and easy.


finn + kaitlyn, hunter wetlands

We recently had the pleasure of having Julie as the celebrant for our LGBT wedding. Warm, friendly and helpful throughout the entire process, Julie ultimately crafted and delivered a very genuine, authentic ceremony that everyone loved. You can tell the dedication and passion she has for the craft of celebrancy. For a wonderful wedding, no matter the size, you can rely on the Irish celebrant!!

My wife and I feel so lucky to have found Julie, she felt like the perfect match from the start! 

jann + jock, limeburners creek

 Thank you Julie for going above and beyond to be supportive in the lead up to our wedding and for making the day special despite our "no frills" choice. Your ideas and encouragement regarding our vows made the day much more meaningful for us both. It really was a lovely day. 

I tell people we had 8 guests and 4 of them were dogs!

sebastian + remilia, my office in mayfield

Throughout the whole process Julie was very involved, professional, and assisted with everything and although it was a simple event it was the most stress-free and fun experience we could wish for. Would definitely recommend Julie to be anyone's Celebrant.

My partner and I approached Julie for a legals only marriage and we couldn't be happier. 

I have a tonne of reviews if you want to read more.
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