It's time to pat yourself on the back for ticking another thing off your wedding to do list!

Guilt free
that WOWs

Most wedding venues don't allow traditional confetti any more because it's hard to clean up and can be damaging to the natural environment. Rightly so!

I love the look of glitter as much as the next Mardi Gras queen but did you see ABC's War on Waste? If you are in any way environmentally aware and are interested in reducing the footprint of your wedding, then eco-confetti is the perfect solution.

The good news is I’ve got you covered with a beautiful flower blend that is locally sourced and made with love ensuring you get ‘the shot’ on your day.

For heart-led humans who want
without damaging the planet...

Every batch is unique but most contain...

a diverse mix of seasonal flowers made from bio-degradable dried flowers

I've got the magic your walk back
down the aisle has been begging for -

and other Natives

Interested in the secret language of flowers?


If you are wondering where all the flowers come from, it's a combination of buying, foraging and donations.

No Flower Waste

I am very fortunate that some of the BEST floral designers in Newcastle share my passion for reducing waste.

We love the notion that floral waste isn’t actually waste at all, but can be repurposed, and live a SECOND life,
spreading even more joy as eco-confetti on people’s wedding days.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to these ladies for their big generous hearts: it’s obvious how much they care about the planet, their clients and their community.

Check them out!


If any other local florists would like to donate their 'waste',
please get in touch.


Want to know how I dry the flowers?



Julie, thank you so much for your eco confetti on our special day!
As a big sentimental greenie this ticked so many boxes!
The detail of the book pages, the presentation, and the smell - wow!
 Even our guests couldn't get enough of them.
Thank you for caring for our planet!

They smell delicious enough to eat!

Liz + Tim

 They were full of bright colours and were beautifully packaged.
It gave us the most epic pictures that we will cherish for a life time.
Couldn’t be happier.

The eco-confetti at our ceremony was awesome.


Just wanted to say thank you for the gorgeous confetti and cones!
They were so beautifully packaged and presented and exactly what we wanted.

Your service was amazing too – so helpful, prompt and efficient

Thank you so much Julie for your kindness and support in planning and carrying out our special day.

We also got eco-confetti for our day which was stress free and looked incredible in photos. 

liv + Tara

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DIY Kits posted to anywhere in Australia

australia wide

local couple

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Delivery & Collection options

There are three ways to get your hands on my eco-confetti.

Collect from Mayfield

I'll hand-deliver it to your ceremony 

Pastel Patterns

Book Pages

Choose your cones
What's your flavour?

You can order anytime up to about a year before your wedding.
As the flowers are dried, they last a very long time. 
When you place your order, I'll find out when you want it. 
Some people want to collect/get it posted straight away.
Others want me to hold off until closer to their wedding. 
Either way is fine!

How soon before my wedding should I order?

Most people are happy for the mix of flowers to be a surprise!
My stocks of flowers are seasonal and vary greatly from month to month, depending on what I can get my hands on so specific requests can be tricky but if you really really want specific colour flowers, I'll do my best to accommodate your request. 

Can I request a specific colour palette of flowers?

Cool questions couples
often ask


20 or 40 eco-confetti cones, pre-made, filled with beautiful seasonal dried flowers, ready for collection from Mayfield, NSW 2304.

20 Premade Cone $70 
40 Premade Cones $135

Choice of book pages or pastel pattern cones.

Buy now!

Collect from
Mayfield, NSW

DIY eco-confetti kit for 20 or 40 cones, for postage to anywhere in Australia

DIY Kit 20 Cone $85
DIY Kit 40  Cones $150

The DIY kit contains:
  • Batch of seasonal eco-confetti
  • Cones - pre-made x 20 or 40 (patterned pastel print or book pages)
  • Tray (flat-packed-to be assembled)
  • Scoop
  • Shipping included in price

DIY kit posted to anywhere in Australia

Order up to 1 year before your Wedding.

Last Minute Orders Also Welcome!


Seeing the destruction and pollution across the world on my travels was heart-breaking.

I do what I can: I donate to Greenpeace; try to always carry a reusable bag; buy eco and organic cosmetics and cleaning products; and advocate where I can.

I believe in beauty, wonder and the power of one. 

Hey , I'm Julie. 

My absolute favourite moment of any wedding ceremony is the confetti toss. Hands down, it is the most love-filled, celebratory moment of the whole experience. It’s the exact moment when elated newlyweds realise the gravity of what they’ve just promised to each other, and when their beaming smiles capture all the warm and fuzzy feels that comes with such an intimate declaration.

Celebrant Julie Muir's tips for petal confetti success


when one of my favourite florists asked me to guest blog, i jumped at the chance!

When my mind starts racing out of control with all the items on my to-do list, I try to consciously shift my attention from everything that’s whirring to doing one thing in the present moment.

Making eco-confetti calms my nervous system and helps me step away from my jumble of thoughts. Pausing to touch the flowers and appreciate their beauty brings me immense joy and is often all I need to reset the trajectory of my day.

Feeling overwhlemned with wedding planning?

take a moment to watch this

I hope this melting pot of falling flowers brings
a bit of magic to your day

Ready to pat yourself on the back for ticking another thing off your to do list!?

I've got the flower blend your wedding needs so are you...

welcome, friend