Vow Writing Service

Personalised Vow Writing Service - from $50 per person

I know it's daunting to attempt to write your own vows.

But I bet once you get started with my vow writing process you won’t want to stop.

Maybe you’ve been feeling…

  • Time poor with all the other wedding arrangements
  • Pressure to deliver perfect vows
  • Worried you will sound too cliché
  • Unqualified to write meaningful vows
  • Worried you don’t have the right words to say

I promise there is a way to write vows that convey your love in a concise, articulate and meaningful way.

It’s very common to feel overwhelmed by the idea of writing your own vows …..which is why I offer my vow writing service.

So let’s remove the nerves, pressure, stress and fears and replace them with clarity, purpose and confidence.

I will help you express how you feel as you create written vows that will be spoken as a powerful declaration to one another on your day.

With some guidance and tips, you will create something amazing that will be heartfelt, memorable and most importantly, sounds like you.

Groom nailing vows at Mindaribba House with Julie Muir as the Celebrant

Choose the vow writing package that’s right for you


The HELPING HAND Vow Package $100 per couple

Designed to support you through writing your vows, the Helping Hand package assists you throughout the process

Step 1. Prep

We’ll start things with a Zoom meeting (like Skype) where I'll prepare you to put pen to paper with a writing strategy. Think takeaway, actionable steps that will have you in the right mindset to begin the vow writing process.

Step 2 Finding Inspiration

I'll send you my vow writing kit which steps out a fool-proof framework for you to follow. I'll also give you access to a library of real vows for inspiration.

Step 3 Time to Write

You draft your vows and send them to me for review.

Step 4 Polish and Perfect

I'll provide feedback on your vows so you know exactly what needs to be tweaked to take them to the next level.

Step 5 Presentation and Delivery

We have a final Zoom meeting so I can prep you on how to deliver your vows.

Note: If I am marrying you, this service is already included at no extra cost. (Aren't you glad you chose me as your celebrant?!)


Not all celebrants are as passionate about vows so if your celebrant hasn't offered to help with your vows, I would love to be part of making your vows truly unique and authentically yours (yes even if I am not the celebrant for your day).

I'm ready to write my vows

The WHOLE SHEBANG Vow Package $100 per person

Your all-inclusive vow writing service written by me for you.

Step 1 Getting to Know You

We’ll begin with a Zoom meeting (like Skype) where I'll ask lots of questions about your relationship….all you have to do is talk and then I'll write personalised vows that bring everything together.

Step 2 First look

I'll send you the first draft of your vows for your review and feedback.

Step 3 Collaboration

We'll chat about any tweaks you want. We will go back and forth until you are ready.

Step 4 Presentation and Delivery

We will have a final Zoom meeting so I can prep you to deliver the vows confidently.

I'm ready for you to write my vows

My vow writing service is not restricted to Australia…. I adore helping people write and deliver heartfelt words to one another, wherever you are located in the world…. Get in touch to chat about your vows.


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