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woman lauging at funeral

When we think of funerals, a somber and serious atmosphere often comes to mind. However, there is a growing recognition that humour can play a meaningful role in the grieving process. Humour, when used appropriately, can help alleviate tension, create connections, and offer moments of relief amidst the sadness. Although it may seem unusual to […]

Laughter Amidst Grief: The Healing Power of Humour in Funeral Ceremonies

Family photos of previous generations

When someone dies, it is not uncommon for hidden truths and undisclosed secrets to emerge, leaving loved ones grappling with a mix of surprise, confusion, and even emotional turmoil. These revelations can range from financial matters and hidden debts to the discovery of undisclosed relationships or unexpected family ties. Dealing with these posthumous bombshells in […]

Secrets Unveiled in Grief: Navigating the Impact of Posthumous Revelations

flowers after death

Mother’s Day, a day meant to celebrate and honour mothers, can be a difficult and painful experience for many individuals. For those who have lost their mothers, the day serves as a stark reminder of their absence and the void left behind. Even for those who had complicated relationships with their mothers, Mother’s Day can […]

Navigating Mother’s Day when you are Grieving: A Day of Mixed Emotions

Being a celebrant lights me up inside. My oxytocin goes through the roof knowing that I help people create beautiful and memorable life events.

In a former life, I had a career in sports event management which certainly helps me as a celebrant. I am super organised, have great attention to detail and love creating 'a feel good factor'.

I spend my downtime roller-skating, campaigning for the environment and planning my next adventure. 

I am the whiskey-drinking, yarn-spinning, belly-laughing, ray of sunshine that is all you need to brighten your day and nail your event. 

Hi, I'm Julie. 

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