It's time to transform your celebrancy business and take your clients on a fun-filled adventure

Creative business mentoring to take you from zero to hero 

This is a game changing opportunity that will see you level-up and become the celebrant you were meant to be.

After 6 years in the wedding industry and a whole lot of lessons learned, I'm so thankful to be able to share all my secrets with you.

You are in the right place if you want to:
Tidy up the back end of your business
Attract your ideal type of client
Become an expert at filling your diary with bookings
Receive consistently amazing client testimonials
Maintain balance in your life

Right now a lack of confidence is your archenemy and time (the lack of!) is taunting you.

For heart-led humans wanting to thrive in business but...

I design individualised programs that meet your needs, tailored to where you are RIGHT NOW in your celebrant journey.

I’ll meet you where you are at…... at whatever hurdles you are facing;
I’ve lived it and I have the solution.

I am ready to share everything. With my holistic approach to mentoring, nothing is off limits as we look at every step in your service.

We will celebrate the things you are excelling at and
refine the elements needed to make your celebrant career soar.  
It might not be what you think because sometimes you don't know what you don't know!

Me! Your biz BFF guiding you to a place where fears are conquered and creativity reigns

I've got the magic your biz has been begging for – fairy dust included.

You know how to write a ceremony but what about the practical business steps to becoming a celebrant success story?

I’m proof that success and steady growth is possible….going full time is not just a dream but a reality you can achieve.

I’ve been where you are… starting out as a celebrant is tough but in just two years, I grew my business to the point that I was able to give up my day job and become a full-time fully-booked celebrant.

I know what it takes to be successful and sustain it.

So your goal is to become a successful celebrant but you’re not sure how to make it a reality?

Meet your Mentor

The Top 10 Mistakes
New Celebrants Make

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warm hugs,
fresh ideas,
holding space,
honest feedback, empowering you,
sharing knowledge

I'm all about

I'm not about

one size fits all approach,
creating unnecessary fuss, 
creating 'mini-me's

Studied Business Communications at Harvard University

Fun facts about yours truly 


I can tie a Windsor Tie

Fun facts about yours truly 


I make a mean amaretto sour 

Fun facts about yours truly 


My Achilles heel is cheese toasties

Fun facts about yours truly 


I am a Gemini - versatile, expressive, curious and kind

Fun facts about yours truly 


I've travelled to over 40 countries.
My biggest adventure was driving an old Volvo across Russia.

Fun facts about yours truly 


julie muir

"If you’re not being mentored in some capacity right now, you’re missing out on an opportunity to fast-track your business. "

Level Up Package 

Power Hour

Question Bonanza

Choose your fairy dust

Join me on an adventure for $100 AUD

Which CRM should I invest in?

Which celebrant association should I join?

How do I set my pricing?

How do I get my hands on the professional photos?

Should I use a Kindle, Ipad or folder?

Should I include the marriage cert in my price?

Example questions:

Well, here is your chance to sit down with me in person or by Zoom for 60 mins. 

You've got questions. I've got answers. And I'm an open book so you can ask me anything and I'll rapid fire through them.

You'll be amazed at how much we can jam in.

Nothing is off limits.

Ready, set, go!

Do you have a tonne of questions that are niggling at you? Things that weren't covered in your course? Ever wanted to “pick my brain”? 

Question Bonanza

adventure one

Join me on an adventure for $150 AUD

Process + Systems - I have never worked with a celebrant who didn't need my magic touch in this area.

Email Templates - done for you formulas, tried and tested templates, hours back in your day.

Ceremony Writing for Weddings, Elopements, Baby Namings, Funerals

Promotion + Social Media - how to attract your ideal client.

Pricing - psychology, know your numbers.

How to run a Rehearsal

Example Topics

We will dive deep into one major topic and cover off everything you need to know.

I'll come armed and ready with a PowerPoint presentation to knock your socks off and I'll give you additional resources to take away.

You'll be amazed at what a difference this one session will make to your business. 

I guarantee you'll have a major break-through!

Is there a topic that you are stuck on? Something that you know you need to address but aren't sure where to start?

Power Hour

adventure two

Join me on an adventure for $980 AUD

4 x 75 min coaching sessions tailored to your needs (in person or by Zoom).

Tailored Resources and Worksheets.

Attend a Rehearsal and a Wedding.

Mini Website Audit

Introduction to other wedding vendors.

Client Referrals (if local)
[If you convert any of these, you'll have covered the cost of the mentoring - it's a no-brainer!]

When you commit to this, you'll get:

Here is where you can dive deeper into your business and totally transform it. 

Building a business can be a blur. With so many moving parts and options to choose from, it can be hard to find clarity and know where & how to grow roots.

Who doesn't need a steady stream of quality referals?

A mentoring partnership will see your business soar.

Level Up Package

adventure THREE

$500 AUD 

The First Phone-Call
Meeting the Family + Navigating Family Dynamics
Working with Funeral Directors
Ceremony Structure + Ritual Elements
Ceremony Writing
Working with Tragic Situations
Creating Orders of Service
The Day of the Ceremony


If you book me as your funeral celebrant mentor, you'll get 1:1 Training that covers:

You want to step into this space. You feel like you've got what it takes. You are compassionate and maybe even have some experience of death and grief yourself BUT a lack of confidence is holding you back and time (or lack of!) is your archenemy. 

I've been where you are. I know EXACTLY what it takes to get you ready. No fluff, just exactly what you need to take the leap. 

You've been thinking about becoming a funeral celebrant for a while.....but there never seems to be a good time to take the leap.

Funeral Celebrant Mentor

adventure four

when you do get (the inevitable) call, you'll be fully ready + feeling confident

you know how to manage your business

We have one of the greatest jobs in the world.....if.....

You start a business to get more freedom but if you are not careful, then you become a slave to the business.

Welcome to the reality of running your own business.
You've got a slew of new job titles- congratulations!
You're now a Marketing Manager, a Sales Executive, a Customer Service Representative, a Social Media Guru, the list goes on and on. 
And maybe, a few of those responsibilities caught you off guard? 

I want you to avoid the pitfalls, so you can stay creative and in love with your work over the long-term.

It's time to say goodbye to:

pssssst! Don't tell everyone but...

Fear and fatigue

Content marketing overwhelm

Busy-ness blues

Client crickets

Creative constipation

Imposter Syndrome

The Celebrant Hangover


How to Deal with Introverted Couples


The Top 10 Mistakes New Celebrant Make


Snag my creative secrets, for free!

Wait! The learning doesn't have to stop there.

The Top 10 Mistakes New Celebrant Make


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How to Deal with Introverted Couples


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The Celebrant Hangover


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Steph came to me at the start of her celebrant journey. She had a:
🧠 A brain full of ideas⁠
🧡 A heart full of passion⁠

After working together, she had:
💃 Dancing feet to celebrate the wins⁠
👎 Thick skin to cope with the lows⁠
🙏 A stomach for trusting her gut⁠
👁️ Eye for spotting opportunities⁠

I'll let her tell you all about it herself!

Straight from the horse's mouth

sealed by step - review

Why do I choose to mentor you?

I’m a cheerleader at heart. I believe in community over competition. I want us all to rise together because there is room for everyone and I want to help you find your voice and support you in attracting your ideal client.

To put it simply, I’m crazy about you! I care! I want you to succeed! I'll go over and above to exceed your expectations (the same way I do for the couples I marry). There will be no holding back the gold nuggets. I want you to take away an abundance of practical ideas to implement so you can achieve real growth and success in your celebrant business.

I believe in kindness, hardwork and that the journey should be just as  – enjoyable if not more! – than the destination. 

Hi! I'm Julie. 

award winning celebrant
with 300+ weddings unedr my belt

sealed by steph

Julie’s knowledge of the celebrant industry is invaluable and has already taught me more than I could have imagined. I am always eagerly awaiting our next meeting and catch up as I know how much value she has added to my new journey and.. she just gets me!

I’d highly recommend mentoring with Julie to every new celebrant. If nothing else, but to feel reassured about where they are at, establishing values, direction, goals and setting themselves up for success from the get go.

Julie’s friendship, support and guidance have helped me dive head first into this amazing celebrant world and I cant thank her enough for making me feel so welcomed.

stephanie carnell- sealed by steph

sarah loves love life celebrancy

Julie has been invaluable as a mentor for a baby celebrant like me just starting out haha!

I can't wait to put into practice some of the things we discussed 

So much knowledge, grace and class in one woman.

nerida cain

She is an extremely smart and motivating woman and knows her industry and also knows a lot about promoting your business and being a true professional in a competitive market.

Do yourself a favor and invest in the mentoring it's so worth it and it will help you greatly and also boost your confidence as those first few months of being a celebrant can be stressful. 

I had no idea how much I would learn from her and that it was needed only that I had a gut feeling it was going to be worth it and it SO was worth it.

pamela mcintosh

Julie is the most amazing person I think I have ever met.

The mentoring Julie has provided has given me the confidence to be myself to show my own personality. This is a true gift from a mentor. 

Her energy and love for her celebrancy business is infectious. 

jade gannon

Julie is the most amazing person I think I have ever met.

The mentoring Julie has provided has given me the confidence to be myself to show my own personality. This is a true gift from a mentor. 

Her energy and love for her celebrancy business is infectious. 

I have a tonne of reviews if you want to read more.
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Growth - how it may not always feel like success

Tough - the stressors of running a small biz


Need help staying sane while growing your business?

Mental Health Resources for Small Biz owners

Ready to take the leap and change your trajectory?

I've got the pixie dust your creative biz needs so are you...

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