Ahead for Business Launch with Everymind

I partnered with this great organisation to spread the word about the importance of mental health for small business owners.

I am not ashamed to say that 2018 was a tough year for me personally because I had two miscarriages. I've since had another two and 3 failed rounds of IVF. Through Everymind I was able to access great tools to help me get back on track.

I am so grateful to them for giving me a way to share my story and help others.

Wedding Industry Education Council Member

I am passionate about the topic of mental health, particularly the mental health of small business owners.

Wedding professionals are especially vulnerable to depression and anxiety due to the isolation and stresses of their work with long hours, financial worries, and the difficulty of separating work and family life.

I am determined to change the wedding industry from the inside out!

The goal of the mental health council is to help wedding vendors recognise the benefit to their business of proactively managing their mental well-being. We assist them to better understand the causes of mental ill health and develop early interventions.

I co-wrote this article with the other council members:

Busyness is not a badge of Honour!


Australian Government Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business
Julie Muir Mental health

Healthy Mind, Healthy Business

I sit on two of the government's mental health working groups where I represent and advocate for small business owners.

I got interviewed for the Australian Government's Department of Employment Skills, Small & Family Business website.

I talked about the need to put myself first in order to stay creative and productive in my business.

Read the article


Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund Blog

The CNCF chose me as their CARBON HERO!!!!

You don't do these things for the recognition but it felt soooooo good when the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund contacted me to say they had noticed my regular donations and wanted to find out more about my business and my motivations.

Click the CNCF logo to read the full interview.

TravelOz Travel Show on 7- Celtic Festival

I was selected to be celebrant for the 2017 Australian Celtic Festival in Glen Innes where I had the pleasure of marrying Caitlin and Jason in a real wedding ceremony containing lots of Celtic elements.

The festival was a finalist in the NSW Tourism Awards- Festivals & Events.

Thanks to Greg from GraingerTV and the TRAVELOZ Travel Show on 7TWO for featuring me in Episode #25 from Series 4.

Catch my moment of fame from 8mins 27 secs.

AFCC Celebrations Magazine Issue 106

I wrote an article about a unique ceremony I did at the Australian Celtic Festival and my submission was published in the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants magazine.

They are the largest association of civil celebrants in Australia so I was chuffed it was accepted.

This ceremony had a tonne of Celtic elements, including the ring being presented on a sword by Vikings!

Find my article on page 16-18

Live Immediately Podcast

The universal language is love, and my guest today, Julie Muir, a city girl from Dublin, found hers while backpacking around South America. Julie’s journey of love carried her around the globe and eventually brought her to the sandy shores of Australia.

In this episode Julie and I discuss being open to new and different experiences, paying forward the goodwill you receive while traveling, learning to live with less, and the life lessons we learn by travelling.

Julie is a lover of love with a big heart. And if you are anything like me you’ll be mesmerised by her beautiful Irish accent.

I hope you enjoy x Mike Campbell


New FM 105.3 Wedding Competition

Sandi & Dean were the very deserving winners of this radio competition.

All of these vendors kindly donated their services to make this happen:

Stories of Strength Podcast

I was interviewed  about my experiences of living and working in the region as a non-local. It was a great opportunity to talk about my story of migration, especially the challenges I've overcome including homesickness. The interview was very timely because I recently got my Australian Citizenship. After buying a house and building my celebrancy business here, it's fair to say that Australia is my home now. Luckily for me, I don't have to give up my Irish citizenship to take up my Australian one so it wasn't a hard decision in that sense. I am grateful I have been embraced into my new community and even use my Irish-ness as a unique selling point as part of my brand. Everyone loves an Irish accent and a knack for story-telling.


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