Real weddings- The Love Story of Thea & Conor

Thea and Conor met in scouts as part of the Donnybrook Venturer Group. Funnily enough, they did make their confirmation together many years prior. Conor doesn’t remember it but Thea remembers Conor being the tall one with the bowl hair cut at the front of Donnybrook Church!

Thea said she knew from the first time they met that something would happen with Conor. Make no mistake though: theirs was a slow burn. They were friends for a long time (approx. 3 years) before they kissed. The next time they kissed was after their graduation and it was another few months after that, whilst volunteering with the Venturers in Peru, before they agreed to go out with each other. Their courtship was long and meaningful, sensitive and full of love and growth together.

Conor says that he knew early on that he had found something special in Thea. She approaches everything in life from a different angle. In Conor’s words, Thea has always been her own woman: incredibly strong, rare, unique, different and brilliant.

Thea’s first impression of Conor was that he was full of energy and enthusiasm, with a passion for exploring and spontaneity. She admired his ability to make people feel welcome and included. He transcended the cliques that naturally formed, and everyone was a potential friend, be they a foreign scout, or an old person looking for a chat. In her words, he is the most kind, friendly, empathetic and caring person she knows, and very importantly, he is Conchubar [Cruh-uur] lover of hounds.

I asked them when they knew they were in love. Conor admitted that he had known for a long time but was afraid to say it, lest it wasn’t said back. He needn’t have worried because the night of Thea’s debs she told him she loved him.

Conor describes Thea as being remarkably strong willed, with an intrinsic sense of what’s right and she sticks to her guns on it. She isn’t afraid to make unpopular or hard choices. Thea is also very sensitive. She cares a lot and knows how to make Conor feel happy and loved.

Thea loves that Conor is a mix of being an old soul whilst also being full of energy and the hope of youth. He has an amazing sense of social justice and really wants to make a difference. He inspires her.

To say they share a love of adventure is an understatement. Exploring runs deep in them both. They have the same appreciation for light, nature and the planet. Together they will continue to discover new places and to have many more adventures, starting with their honeymoon cycling around Italy next week.



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