Real Weddings-The Love Story of Adam & Shelley

Six years ago, Adam and Shelley had a chance meeting on the dancefloor of a pub. Shelley admired Adam because, as the tallest man on the dance floor, he was the only one she could see clearly. Adam too was drawn to Shelley’s height and brunette hair. Shelley ended up going home early but not before swapping numbers. They organised a second meeting at the same pub a week later but Adam didn’t even recognise Shelley. He walked straight past her. Despite the slow start, they discovered they loved spending time in each other’s company. 

In the early days, when they began having sleepovers, they used to stay up late into the night, getting to know each other, wrestling and singing Kid Cudi songs. In 2011 they moved in together, spurred on by the lack of heating in the house Adam was renting at the time. Nowadays, they still spend a lot of time wrestling but they also enjoy spending their time playing with their dogs, going to zoos and socialising with friends.

They have a mutual love of travel which led to a 6 month expedition around the world to Europe, South America and Asia, on which Adam proposed in Mexico in May 2014. On return they bought some land to build a house and then promptly sold it the next year! It takes some real communication and honesty to navigate a tricky situation like that, but they feel stronger as a couple because of it. They are not sure where exactly their future will be, but they are on the same page for their hopes for the future: start a family, travel more, buy a house with a big shed for Adam and a pool for Shelley, and even start a business one day.

Shelley loves that Adam is kind, patient and understanding. She thinks he is the funniest man she’s ever met. She loves that he doesn’t try to stop her from sharing her opinions or standing up for what she thinks is right. She appreciates his adventurous nature and loves the way he holds her hand in the car.

Adam loves that Shelley is always willing to play along in his games and share movie quotes with him. He loves the way she cares for him when he is sick or upset. He loves to hear her sing and see her passionately involved in her interests and hobbies. Most of all, he loves that he can be as silly as he likes and know that she will never love him less.  

It’s these things and so much more, which has led this wonderful couple to this day.

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