Legals Only Wedding

Legals Only 'Registry Style' Wedding - $500

Do you want to get married without all the fuss? No problem. It will be you, me and two witnesses. 


I get it. Some people just want to be married more than they want to get married. I respect that. Maybe you are getting married abroad in Bali or Thailand and you just want someone to make it legal before or afterwards. I can help you with that.

If you book me to marry you in a 'legals only' ceremony, then it will actually cost you less than what Births, Deaths & Marriages will charge you. Currently, it's $433 mid-week and $546 on the weekend. (You can compare my prices to NSW BDM Price here). I promise I'll do a way-better job than those government officials. 

The Registry Office in Newcastle closed a few years ago so you'll also save yourselves a trip to Paramatta, Sydney and you can do the ceremony from the comfort of your house (if that's where you want to do it). Winning! 

Legally, you'll need to give me one month's notice so we can complete the 'Notice of Intended Marriage' paperwork within the legal time-frame. We normally complete this paperwork at my house in Mayfield. I am a full-time celebrant, so generally I can meet any time of the day or night, any day of the week. 

This type of wedding is as the name suggests- just the legal elements, so there is not much of an actual ceremony. In Australian, it only takes 144 words to be married. Some people want to it to be over in 3 mins- I'm cool with that.  However, if you want, I will add some extra words so that it is more meaningful  (but it won't contain your love story. If you want that, you are probably after my elopement package.) You can exchange rings and do personal vows too. I'll give you a vow writing resource to make it easy for you. 

The wedding itself can take place anywhere you want- my house, your house, a restaurant or bar. As it's not much of an actual ceremony, we normally sit down at a table to do it. One of the best weddings I did was at the Smokin Hot 'n Saucy Food Truck in Islington at lunchtime.  

You need to bring two witnesses. If you want to be super spontaneous or keep your wedding on the down-low, we can just ask some passers-by to be the witnesses! You'll make their day! 


Tanya & Tim | Legals Only Wedding | Hot 'n Saucy Islington
Tanya & Tim | Legals Only Wedding | Hot 'n Saucy Islington

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