Services & Pricing

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Wedding- $750

Together we will create a personalised and engaging ceremony that will be memorable for everyone involved. If you have some ideas, we can definitely incorporate them. Don't worry if you don't even know where to start. I'll guide you through the whole process and make it easy and enjoyable for you. It can be fun deciding how to personalise your ceremony to reflect both your personalities.

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Renewal of Vows- $650

Marriage ain't easy. It takes good communication and a lot of hard work. A Renewal of Vows is a way to celebrate your marriage. Perhaps you have made it to a milestone anniversary and you want the world to know that you've no regrets. Maybe you want to reaffirm your commitment to each other after a rough period in your relationship. Or maybe you didn't get the wedding you dreamed of.

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Legals Only- $350

Do you want to get married without all the fuss? No problem. It will be me, you and two witnesses (which I can help you arrange if you don't want to bring anyone with you).

Legally, you'll need to give me one month's notice so we can complete the 'Notice' within the legal time-frame.

It is as the name suggests- just the legal elements.

Not available Saturday afternoons.

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Baby Naming- $250

These are becoming more and more popular in Australia and I can see why. They are wonderful family events. A great opportunity to talk about the child, family values, hopes for the future and appoint the godparents.


House Warmings

It might sound strange but it's really not. It's an occasion to get friends, family and maybe neighbours together to thank them for their support and talk about new beginnings. The ceremony is generally followed by a party!

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Other Celebrations

I feel strongly that all of life's occasions should be celebrated. Every milestone deserves our notice as it's valuable to pause and reflect on where we were before and where we are now.


What my prices cover:


Travel Costs- FREE

I want to make things simple. No checking the odometer and getting out the calculator!

I know how important your budget is too so my prices are all inclusive of travel up to 100km.

This covers all of Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Nelson Bay and the Central Coast. If I have to travel further to meet you, we can work out a reasonable price.

Unlimited Personal Contact

You can call me, Facebook me, Skype me or email me morning, noon or night. I am here to answer all of your questions. If you prefer to meet in person, that's fine too. I'll happily come to you.

Couples Resource Kit

I have a super-duper resource kit packed full of ceremony ideas (reading, rituals, music etc) to inspire you and make it easy to decide what you want. If you don't know where to start on your vows, I can help with that too!

Easy to follow Structure

I know it can be confusing what elements to include and what order to have them in, so I've made it easy for you to see all your options and the legal components that must stay in to keep it all legit.

Personlalised Ceremony

You will have a personalised modern ceremony uniquely written for you. You will be given the final draft in advance so there are no surprises on the day. You have total editorial control. Remember, it's a collaboration and I want you to be happy with everything.

Relationship Education

It can be a stressful time. I'll give you the contact details of relationship education providers in your area in case you need them.

Professional PA System

This is essential if you are having a big wedding. Your guests will definitely be able to hear everything because my PA system is top notch and has never let me down.

Lodgement of Legal Paperwork

I take care of all of this so you don't have to worry. I lodge all the paperwork with Births, Deaths and Marriages and help you apply for your Marriage Certificate.

Presentation Folder- Momento

I will give you a presentation folder on the day containing a copy of your ceremony as a memento and the presentation copy of your marriage certificate.

Next Step...

Why not send me a message to check my availability on your preferred date. We can arrange a time to meet for a no-obligation chat.